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targetApart from my "live" activities I would like to mention a studio-only thing which deviates from my own bands in working matters and musical direction.
For a while now, I have been working on and off on tracks by "WEATHERTUNES". By now there`s a number of cds available where I played acoustic or electric guitar or git.- synth. as a guest.


- `Sunsurfer´ ep (`08 )
- `Beam Me In´ ( `06 )
- `Summer´ ( `05 )
- `The Birds & The Sky´ ( `03 )
- `Characters´ ( `01 )

The most recent cd `Beam Me In´ has been released middle of june, this time first in Japan on the Receptor Tune label.
The previous WEATHERTUNES work ( `Summer´ on Jubilee Records) contained a remix of one of my compositions, `At The Rio Bar (summer remix)´.
At this point, this remix has been used on five compilations already.

- `Pour L`amour´ ( `08 )
- `Filmotheque´ ( `06 )
- `Skydiver´ ( `03 )

WEATHERTUNES is a project of brothers Roland Voss and Daniel Voss-Green. These highly musical individuals invited me two or three years ago to play a couple of notes onto what used to be a tape. They took care of the rest and I really liked the resulting music which has been called (and maybe is ?) everything between Lounge, Chill out and Downtempo Pop. To find out what it is not, go to (check out `Paseo Intimo´ on `The Birds & The Sky) or
Guests on other recordings by Roland have included people like Roman Bunka, Sankar Chatterjee, Mohamed Mounir and Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice, so that"s another reason I feel hounored to be part of it and it brought about a couple of magic moments already.
Actually, we go back to being in the same class in school when we where ten and our musical paths don`t cross here for the first time...

From the press material for `Summer´:
On their third Weathertunes Album "Summer" Roland and Daniel Voss present a true summer album which lives up to all sunny expectations. More danceable and definitely with more groove than their preceding album, the tracks "Finest Things" and "At The Rio Bar" catch our attention with its dynamic, blissful and exuberant sound. What makes "Summer" tower above the flood of competing electronic productions is the tremendous diversity of sounds and the treasure box full of surprising samples the Voss brothers draw from.

The Weathertunes pave their own way and playfully build their tracks on HipHop Beats and Drum rhythms. Their outstanding accomplishment is an extremely laid-back groove which alternate between a vivacious fizz or a sinister glug. Scratched beats oppose warbled opera voices. The sound of dramatic violins lead into heavy breathing, and then the merry babble of a baby. And wasn’t that an elephant’s trumpet? The beats vary from feathery to booming. Flute, sax, piano, organ, clarinet or a funky bass – each song offers different arrangements. As constant accompaniment soothes the versatility of jazz guitarist Michael Arlt.

The wonderful achievement of the album is its coherent and highly agreeable sound in spite of all opposing elements. You can almost physically feel how much joy and creativity the Weathertunes have put into the production of their tracks. On repetitive listening, more and more details surface, toying with mind and soul. "Summer" is a feelgood gem, a friend on sunny and rainy days alike, an album bound to make you happy.

Weathertunes are Roland Voss (aka Lemongrass aka Jasmon) and his brother Daniel (aka Green Empathy). In fall 2001, their debut album "Characters" was released, with features on renowned compilations such as "Lebensart 3" or "Comfort Zone 5." The album drew special attention in Japan where it was warmly received by fans and media alike. The second longplayer "The Birds & The Sky" expanded their stylistic range with tasty downtempo grooves. Pleasing chill-house sounds mingled with electro-acoustic elements and laid the foundations for the soaring Weathertunes vibe. Or to quote a critic: "It’s as if you can hear the wind in their music."

Roland Voss leads his life rather withdrawn, changing places from his home, the rural area of Westphalia, to southern and sunny pastures. Under his pseudonym Lemongrass he has been destilling an essence of Jazz, Drum and Ambient and acquired great merits in establishing the label Mole Listening Pearls. In Japan, many of his albums were released on Receptortune. His broad fan base allowed him to go on two extensive club tours in Japan where, in summer 2005, the brothers will present their new album in a DJ mix.

Daniel Voss joined forces with his brother Roland 7 years ago and appeared on several Lemongrass albums. His debut album "Terratronica" (under his pseudonym Green Empathy) was released in Japan in early 2005.

targetcd press clips
"... all shadings, that electronic music can produce... Only flying is better. Rating: ***** "
- Frankfurter Rundschau online -

" Want to drop out ? Float into a state of weightlessness ? Do it effortlessly with ` SKYDIVER ´, the new album of Roland Voss, better known as ` LEMONGRASS ´. Rating: Masterpiece " - Teleschau -

" LEMONGRASS still plays in the premier lounge - league and beats some of what you hear from Viennas finest these days. " - - Alternative Music Zine -

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