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target"..excellent compositions by the leader...plays with the original melody, cites, varries, composes in the moment, jazzimprovisation a la carte."

target"As you listen to this music, you will hear how he has captured the essence of this jazz style through it´s many players and how his efforts make a formidable contribution to the continuum."
Pete Fallico, The Doodlin´ Lounge, L.A.

target"...swings and knows how to utilize the harmonic possibilities of tunes."
Neue Westfälische

target"...simplicity and cool elegance."
Die Rheinpfalz

target"...convinced also with melodic improvisations, tasteful comping and fluent phrasing and his warm sound."

target" counted among the german guitar-jazz elite. His melodic work dominates over long stretches without hampering his colleagues in their expression."
Extra Dry - Musikkultur

target"Especially in his own compositions, which are marked by a strong drive he was able to fully unfold his linear style...strong developement of themes and melodic resourcefulness."
Die Rheinpfalz

target"Time and again jazz guitarist Michael Arlt from Wuerzburg assembles outstanding musicians from different countries in his bands. With his new project Old World-New World he played at the second Schweinfurt Jazzival... A group that works, obviously had fun playing music and knew how to pass this feeling on to the audience."

target"Light and elastic is his playing, marked by a high degree of melodic resourcefulness."
Mindener Tageblatt

target"It`s as always when Michael Arlt is recorded with a band or appears in person: Everything works together, a breathtaking homogenity is the result. ( ) That`s fascinating about the music Arlt is responsible for: Without painfully driving hooks and bolts into the ear, it draws you in."

target"( ) On this cd, too, Arlt proves his ability as a composer, check out: `East Coasting´ ( )"
Archtop Germany (website)

target"Michael Arlt is an outstanding jazz guitarist as his new, impressive cd shows... Very commendable ! "
Akustik Gitarre

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