We Three - !live! the official bootleg edition

(Rec. `03, Edition Musikat 073)
Michael Arlt, guitar;
Dan Kostelnik, hammond B3;
Scott Neumann, drums;

1. The Henhouse (Jason Seizer)
2. East Coasting (Michael Arlt)
3. These Foolish Things (Marvell/Strachey/Link)
4. A Little Taste (Nat Adderley)
5. Double Rainbow (Michael Arlt)
6. Groove Yard (Carl Perkins)
7. Lament (J. J. Johnson)
8. Close Up (Michael Arlt)
"It`s as always when Michael Arlt is recorded with a band or appears in person: Everything fits, a breathtaking homogenity is the result.( ) Arlt`s grooving `Close Up“ fits logical on a recording with the nearly contemplative - but never cheesy - standard `These Foolish Things“. ... Wwwwammmm - `The Henhouse“ by Jason Seizer opens the CD, a driving composition by the munic sax player ( ), the band right in the middle of it, ..." - Jazz Podium -
"Recorded live, these songs gain some extra drive and the solos open up more. The trios interaction is nearly telepathic ... ( )
On this cd, too, Arlt proves his ability as a composer, check out: "East Coasting"... - Archtop Germany - (website)
Close Up (1,7 MB)
These Foolish Things (1,7 MB)

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