Brassless - Brassless

(Rec. `91, Drops 14)
Michael Arlt, el.&acc.guitar,
Sebastian Altekamp, piano,
Ingo Senst, double bass,
Sebastian Netta, drums,

1. Say When (M.Arlt)
2. The Seabreeze (M.Arlt)
3. Lonely Hours (S.Netta)
4. Good News (S.Netta
5. Blue Circle (S.Altekamp)
6. Que Coisa Linda (S.Netta)
7. Open Secrets (M.Arlt)
8. Fingers ! (M.Arlt)
9. King Street (S.Altekamp)
10. Little Pearl`s Tune (S.Altekamp)
"...swinging and grooving from beginning to end...in only three days Brassless created a collectivistic jazz work where highpoints of virtuosity never become egocentric..."The recording acoustics are remarkable." -Extra-Dry Musikkultur-
"Virtuosity is simply part of it, serving to produce a relaxed and melodic music that is full of rhythmic refinement - timeless music...contains great thematic compositions."-Jazzpodium-
Fingers! (980 KB)
The Seabreeze (770KB)

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