Grooveyard - feat. Red Holloway

(Rec. `95, jhm records 3607)
Red Holloway, tenor sax;
Michael Arlt, guitar;
Matthias Bätzel, hammond B3;
Michael Keul, drums;

1. Gator Whale (Willis Jackson)
2. Red`s Ahead (M.Arlt)
3. Close To You (David/Bacharach)
4. These Are Soulful Days (Cal Massey)
5. Day By Day (Cahn/Weston/Stordahl)
6. Red Top (Kynard/Hampton)
7. Cancao Sossegada (M.Arlt)
8. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You (Dietz/Schwartz)
9. These Foolish Things (Marvell/Strachey/Link)
10. Misty (Burke/Garner)
"Here a trio gets a near perfect group sound, producing that electrifying feeling that other highspeed egomaniacs often crave for. An there is something else that Bätzel, Arlt and Keul set an example of: The power of a strong groove comes from reduction..." - Jazzpodium –
Red's Ahead (970KB)
Close to You (1,2 MB)

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