Grooveyard - Basic Instinct

(Rec. `96, Organic Music 9701)
Houston Person, Red Holloway, Roman Schwaller, tenor sax;
Michael Arlt, guitar;
Matthias Bätzel, hammond B3;
Michael Keul, drums;

1. Summertime (G.Gershwin)(#)
2. Talkin`about J.C. (Larry Young)(*)
3. Song for Carlos (M.Bätzel)(+)
4. You`ve changed (Carey/Fisher)(#)
5. Can`t buy me love (Lennon/McCartney)(#)
6. Fried Bananas (Dexter Gordon)(*)
7. Samba for Pat & Billy (M.Arlt)(*)
8. Basic Instinct (M.Arlt)(+)
9. Houston Calling (M.Arlt)(#)
10. Smoke gets in your eyes (Harbach/Kern)(+)
(+) with Red Holloway
(#) with Houston Person
(*) with Roman Schwaller
"...Listen to Grooveyard and Co. And if the music doesn`t lighten your heart and stir your soul, if you don`t feel the urge to snap your fingers, clap your hands or pat your feet - then make an urgent check on your pulse. You may be dead." - Mike Hennessey, linernotes –
Can't Buy Me Love (1,3 MB)
Talkin' About J.C. (920 KB)

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