We Three - East Coasting

(Rec. `96, Organic Music 9702)
Michael Arlt, guitar;
Dan Kostelnik, hammond B3;
Duck Scott, drums;
special guest: Roman Schwaller, tenor sax

1. Isn`t She Lovely (S.Wonder)
2. My Girl is just enough Woman for me (Fields/Hague)
3. The Triangle (M.Arlt)
4. Here,There and Everywhere (Lennon/McCartney)
5. Basic Instinct (M.Arlt)(*)
6. Soulmates (M.Arlt)
7. East Coasting (M.Arlt)
8. You say you care (Styne/Kahn)(*)
9. Estate (Martino/Brighetti)
10. Fingersnappin`, Foottappin` (M.Arlt)(*)
(*) with Roman Schwaller
"...the band recorded a great album, remembering the jazz organ tradition and the swinging jazzguitar. Next to a number of new compositions there are two extraordinary coverversions of tunes by The Beatles and Stevie Wonder." - catalog Jazz Point –
East Coasting (1,6 MB)
Estate (900 KB)

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