Eckhard Weigt - Two Colours One Soul

(Rec. `98, Mons MR874-820)
Eckhard Weigt, tenor sax;
Michael Arlt, guitars;
Christian Doepke, piano,keyboards; Henning Sieverts, acc. bass;
Falk Willis, drums, percussion;

1. Original Pezzi
2. Two Colours-One Soul
3. Aphrodite
4. Nzomari
5. Loft Hop
6. Serengeti
All compositions by E. Weigt
"...a refreshing mixture of an explicitly rhythmic base and intelligent, virtuoso solos... It`s fun to listen to this cd because of the clearness and transparency of the music, the group`s coherence...and the outstanding recording quality." - Plärrer –
Loft Hop (920 KB)
Two Colours ñ One Soul (990 KB)

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