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targetI got my first guitar & amp around 1974 when I was about 14 years old. I liked to play loud. After playing in different bands in stylistic areas as diverse as Rock, Fusion, Blues, Funk, Experimental/Free and one year of classical guitar lessons, around 1980 a friend let me listen to a recording (a 33rpm single) of "A night in Tunisia" with Dizzy and Charles Parker. That was a nice surprise and I collected more "music like that", got a teacher, bought books and went to jam sessions while I kept my Blues and Experimental gigs.
I studied at Berklee College of Music, Boston in 1984, took private lessons from Mike Metheny and met John Scofield. From 85 to 89 I studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Hilversum, The Netherlands with Wim Overgaauw, Viktor Kaihatu and Frans Elsen.


targetIn 1986 I started to work with my own trio (then with Erik Robaard, bass and Jürgen Welge, drums) on a regular basis. From`87 on I did quite a bit of touring with the quartet "Brassless", a CD was released in 1991.
I also played/recorded with a.o. Red Holloway, Houston Person, Maria de Fatima, Sigi Busch, Jerry Granelly, Paquito D´Rivera, Joris Teepe, Rick Hollander, "Grooveyard", Roman Schwaller, Wolfgang Ekholt, Luciano Biondini, Walter Lang, Martin Schrack, Jean-Yves Jung, Henning Sieverts, Falk Willis, Oliver Kent, Martin Classen, Dan Kostelnik, Duck Scott, Josè Cortijo, Scott Neumann, Thomas Stabenow, Tony Lakatos, Hermann Breuer, Keith Copeland, Jean-Marc Robin, Freddie Hendrix, Mathias Ruegg, Jon Sass, Adrian Mears, Gustavo Bergalli, "Weathertunes", "Lemongrass", Ruud Ouwehand, Viviane de Farias, Stephan Zimmermann, Tomás Perez, Alberto Menéndez, Kip Reed, "Portinho Trio": Klaus Mueller - Itaiguara Brandao - Portinho.

At informal meetings - like sessions, rehearsals etc. - I had a chance to play with Billy James, Bill Elgart, Andy Middleton, Jimmy Wormworth, Roy Hargrove, Byron Landham, Jiggs Wigham, Armin Keil, Victor Hugo, Omar Plasencia ...

Festivals: Perugia (Umbria Jazz Festival), Thüringer Festival Gitarre/Weltmusik, Hannover, Burghausen, Leverkusen, Schweinfurt, Jazzmeile Thüringen, Worms, Gronau, Fulda, Bremen, München, Jazzlights Oberkochen, Jazzin´ Herrenberg, Jazztime Hildesheim, Friedrichshafener Gitarrentage ...

Radio/TV: A number of concert appearances were aired by BR (Bavarian Radiostation):
- WE THREE feat. JOSÉ CORTIJO (Studio)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. Michael Arlt - Continental Call Suite (`05)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA - The other side of MozArt (`06 )
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. Thomas Gansch - Tribute to Don Ellis (`07)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA & special guest Herbert Joos - WJO plays the music of `United Jazz & Rock Ensemble´(`08)
- WE THREE feat. Dan Kostelnik & Scott Neumann (`09)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA - Our kind of Beatles (`10)
- MICHAEL ARLT BRAZILIANA feat. Portinho, Klaus Mueller & Kip Reed (`13)

and by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR):
- WE THREE feat. Dan Kostelnik & Scott Neumann (`07)

BR tv showed GROOVEYARD w/special guests: Red Holloway & Houston Person from International Jazzweek Burghausen.

CDs have been featured regularly on national and local radiostations including WDR, SDR, BR, Deutschlandfunk, MDR, Radio Jazz Copenhagen, WVOF Fairfield, CT; Radio 2 Skopje - Macedonia and many local stations.
MDR did 30 minute features `Michael Arlt´ in 2013 and 2002 with music from different CDs.
Radio Umland, Bremen, produced a 60 minute program about me ( interview/music ) in august 2005 and during our november `09 Tour, a program about WE THREE and the new `Moment To Moment!´ CD was broadcast.


targetFrom 1990 - 2001 I taught guitar, harmony and ensemble, all from a jazz perspective, at Hermann-Zilcher Konservatorium, Würzburg. Since 2001 I am teaching at Hochschule für Musik, Würzburg ( ).
Also, over the years I did a number of jazz and guitar workshops and masterclasses , among them workshops at music colleges and universities in Bremen, Duisburg, ArtEZ Conservatorium Arnheim/NL or at Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Former students and private students of mine … were accepted at music universities in Munic, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Berlin, Arnhem, Weimar, Cologne, Mannheim … recorded CDs for Sony BMG, Bobtale Records, Jardis, Musicom, GLM and Acoustic Music … played and play in the different youthjazzorchestras in Germany & the BujazzO … and teach at music universities, colleges and music schools …


targetMichael Arlt BRAZILIANA - Terra Distante
(Release Date: 2013, GLM/Fine Music)

targetWe Three - Moment To Moment !
(Release Date: Sept 15th 2009)

targetWe Three - A New View
(Rec. `00 /`02, Bobtale Records) Released `04

targetWe Three - !Live! - The Official Bootleg Edition
(Rec. `02, Edition Musikat)

targetWe Three - The Drivin´ Beat
(Rec. `98, Organic Music)

targetWe Three - East Coasting
(Rec. `96, Organic Music)

targetGrooveyard - Basic Instinct
(Rec. `96, Organic Music)

targetGrooveyard - feat. Red Holloway
(Rec. `95, JHM Switzerland)

targetBrassless - Brassless
(Rec. `91, Drops)


targetWeathertunes - Picnic: The Most Delicious Weathertunes Songs
(Rec. `10, released in Japan only)

targetWeathertunes - Palm Beach
(Rec. `09, Lemongrassmusic)

targetTafubar - Changeability
(Rec. `08, Lemongrassmusic)

targetLemongrass - Beach Affairs
(Rec. `08, Mole Listening Pearls)

targetLemongrass - Pour L`amour
(Rec. `08, Lemongrassmusic)

targetLemongrass - Filmotheque
( Rec. `06, LGM )

targetWürzburg Jazz Orchestra - Artistry In Rhythm : The Music Of Stan Kenton
( Rec. `06, Gema )

targetWeathertunes - Beam Me In
( Rec. `06, Japan: Receptor Tune )

targetWeathertunes - Summer
(Rec. `05, Jubilee Records; Japan: Receptor Tune )

targetWeathertunes - The Birds & The Sky
(Rec. `03, Peacelounge Rec.)

targetLemongrass - Skydiver
(Rec. `03, Mole Listening Pearls)

targetWeathertunes - Characters
(Rec. `01, Peacelounge Rec.)

targetEckhard Weigt - Two Colours One Soul
(Rec. `98, Mons)

targetRichard Roblee - Very Little Big Band
(Rec. `97, Gema)


target8:50 P.M. In Ibiza
(Rec. 2010, Ayia Napa)

targetThe Chocolate Lounge - Sweet & Sinful Sounds
(Rec. 2010, Ayia Napa)

targetIntercontinental Flights - Destination 1: Chill and Relax
(Rec. 2010, Ayia Napa)

targetLemongrass and Various Artists - The Remix Sessions
(Rec. 2010, Lemongrassmusic)

targetWavemusic - EasyBeats 5
(Rec. `09, California Sunset Records)

targetDuo Archtop Guitar
(Rec.`08, Factory Outlet Records)

targetAbsinth 5 - The Finest Ambient Bar Tracks
(Rec. `08, Ayia Napa Music)

targetYoung Style Grooves vol.3
(Rec. `08, Toptrax)

targetBar Lounge Classics - Mediterranean Edition
(Rec.`07, Sony BMG)

targetSolo Archtop Guitar
(Rec. `06, Factory Outlet Records)

targetCafé Copacabana 4 - Latin Flavored Pearls
(Rec. `06, C & B)

targetCigar Lounge 4
(Rec. `06, Ayia Napa)

targetCoffee Lounge
(Rec.`05, Ayia Napa)

targetKlangbilder der Welt – Meditative Musik
(Rec. `05, MVG)

targetKaffeehaus Lounge 4 - A Selection Of Late Nite Moods & Beats
(Rec. `05, Ayia Napa)

targetMash Chapter 3 - mixed by Raul Rincon
(Rec. `04, Le Bien Et Le Mal)

targetBeige Mood
(Rec. `04, Audio Lotion)

targetMetro One Collection - mixed by guardner
(Rec. `02, Liquid Space)

targetThe Peacelounge EP
(Rec. `02, Peacelounge Rec.)

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