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targetI got my first guitar & amp around 1974 when I was about 14 years old. I liked to play loud. After playing in different bands in stylistic areas as diverse as Rock, Fusion, Blues, Funk, Experimental/Free and one year of classical guitar lessons, around 1980 a friend let me listen to a recording (a 33rpm single) of "A night in Tunisia" with Dizzy and Charles Parker. That was a nice surprise and I collected more "music like that", got a teacher, bought books and went to jam sessions while I kept my Blues and Experimental gigs.
I studied at Berklee College of Music, Boston in 1984, took private lessons from Mike Metheny and met John Scofield. From 85 to 89 I studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Hilversum, The Netherlands with Wim Overgaauw, Viktor Kaihatu and Frans Elsen.


targetIn 1986 I started to work with my own trio (then with Erik Robaard, bass and Jürgen Welge, drums) on a regular basis. From`87 on I did quite a bit of touring with the quartet "Brassless", a CD was released in 1991.
I also played/recorded with a.o. Red Holloway, Houston Person, Maria de Fatima, Sigi Busch, Jerry Granelly, Paquito D´Rivera, Joris Teepe, Rick Hollander, "Grooveyard", Roman Schwaller, Wolfgang Ekholt, Luciano Biondini, Walter Lang, Martin Schrack, Jean-Yves Jung, Henning Sieverts, Falk Willis, Oliver Kent, Martin Classen, Dan Kostelnik, Duck Scott, Josè Cortijo, Scott Neumann, Thomas Stabenow, Tony Lakatos, Hermann Breuer, Keith Copeland, Jean-Marc Robin, Freddie Hendrix, Mathias Ruegg, Jon Sass, Adrian Mears, Gustavo Bergalli, "Weathertunes", "Lemongrass", Ruud Ouwehand, Viviane de Farias, Stephan Zimmermann, Tomás Perez, Alberto Menéndez, Kip Reed, Marcia Bittencourt, "Portinho Trio": Klaus Mueller - Itaiguara Brandao - Portinho.

At informal meetings - like sessions, rehearsals etc. - I had a chance to play with Billy James, Bill Elgart, Andy Middleton, Jimmy Wormworth, Roy Hargrove, Byron Landham, Jiggs Wigham, Armin Keil, Victor Hugo, Omar Plasencia, Dietmar Fuhr ...

Festivals: Perugia (Umbria Jazz Festival), Thüringer Festival Gitarre/Weltmusik, Hannover, Burghausen, Leverkusen, Schweinfurt, Jazzmeile Thüringen, Worms, Gronau, Fulda, Bremen, München, Jazzlights Oberkochen, Jazzin´ Herrenberg, Jazztime Hildesheim, Friedrichshafener Gitarrentage ...

Radio/TV: A number of concert appearances were aired by BR (Bavarian Radiostation):
- WE THREE feat. JOSÉ CORTIJO (Studio)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. Michael Arlt - Continental Call Suite (`05)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA - The other side of MozArt (`06 )
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. Thomas Gansch - Tribute to Don Ellis (`07)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA & special guest Herbert Joos - WJO plays the music of `United Jazz & Rock Ensemble´(`08)
- WE THREE feat. Dan Kostelnik & Scott Neumann (`09)
- WÜRZBURG JAZZ ORCHESTRA - Our kind of Beatles (`10)
- MICHAEL ARLT BRAZILIANA feat. Portinho, Klaus Mueller & Kip Reed (`13)

and by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR):
- WE THREE feat. Dan Kostelnik & Scott Neumann (`07)

BR tv showed GROOVEYARD w/special guests: Red Holloway & Houston Person from International Jazzweek Burghausen.

CDs have been featured regularly on national and local radiostations including WDR, SDR, BR, Deutschlandfunk, MDR, Radio Jazz Copenhagen, WVOF Fairfield, CT; Radio 2 Skopje - Macedonia and many local stations.
MDR did 30 minute features `Michael Arlt´ in 2013 and 2002 with music from different CDs.
Radio Umland, Bremen, produced a 60 minute program about me ( interview/music ) in august 2005 and during our november `09 Tour, a program about WE THREE and the new `Moment To Moment!´ CD was broadcast.


targetFrom 1990 - 2001 I taught guitar, harmony and ensemble, all from a jazz perspective, at Hermann-Zilcher Konservatorium, Würzburg. Since 2001 I am teaching at Hochschule für Musik, Würzburg ( ).
Also, over the years I did a number of jazz and guitar workshops and masterclasses , among them workshops at music colleges and universities in Bremen, Duisburg, ArtEZ Conservatorium Arnheim/NL or at Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Former students and private students of mine … were accepted at music universities in Munic, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Berlin, Arnhem, Weimar, Cologne, Mannheim, Nuremberg … recorded CDs for Sony BMG, Bobtale Records, Jardis, Musicom, GLM and Acoustic Music … played and play in the different youthjazzorchestras in Germany & the BujazzO … and teach at music universities, colleges and music schools …


targetMichael Arlt BRAZILIANA - Terra Distante
(Release Date: 2013, GLM/Fine Music)

targetWe Three - Moment To Moment !
(Release Date: Sept 15th 2009)

targetWe Three - A New View
(Rec. `00 /`02, Bobtale Records) Released `04

targetWe Three - !Live! - The Official Bootleg Edition
(Rec. `02, Edition Musikat)

targetWe Three - The Drivin´ Beat
(Rec. `98, Organic Music)

targetWe Three - East Coasting
(Rec. `96, Organic Music)

targetGrooveyard - Basic Instinct
(Rec. `96, Organic Music)

targetGrooveyard - feat. Red Holloway
(Rec. `95, JHM Switzerland)

targetBrassless - Brassless
(Rec. `91, Drops)


targetWeathertunes - Picnic: The Most Delicious Weathertunes Songs
(Rec. `10, released in Japan only)

targetWeathertunes - Palm Beach
(Rec. `09, Lemongrassmusic)

targetTafubar - Changeability
(Rec. `08, Lemongrassmusic)

targetLemongrass - Beach Affairs
(Rec. `08, Mole Listening Pearls)

targetLemongrass - Pour L`amour
(Rec. `08, Lemongrassmusic)

targetLemongrass - Filmotheque
( Rec. `06, LGM )

targetWürzburg Jazz Orchestra - Artistry In Rhythm : The Music Of Stan Kenton
( Rec. `06, Gema )

targetWeathertunes - Beam Me In
( Rec. `06, Japan: Receptor Tune )

targetWeathertunes - Summer
(Rec. `05, Jubilee Records; Japan: Receptor Tune )

targetWeathertunes - The Birds & The Sky
(Rec. `03, Peacelounge Rec.)

targetLemongrass - Skydiver
(Rec. `03, Mole Listening Pearls)

targetWeathertunes - Characters
(Rec. `01, Peacelounge Rec.)

targetEckhard Weigt - Two Colours One Soul
(Rec. `98, Mons)

targetRichard Roblee - Very Little Big Band
(Rec. `97, Gema)


target8:50 P.M. In Ibiza
(Rec. 2010, Ayia Napa)

targetThe Chocolate Lounge - Sweet & Sinful Sounds
(Rec. 2010, Ayia Napa)

targetIntercontinental Flights - Destination 1: Chill and Relax
(Rec. 2010, Ayia Napa)

targetLemongrass and Various Artists - The Remix Sessions
(Rec. 2010, Lemongrassmusic)

targetWavemusic - EasyBeats 5
(Rec. `09, California Sunset Records)

targetDuo Archtop Guitar
(Rec.`08, Factory Outlet Records)

targetAbsinth 5 - The Finest Ambient Bar Tracks
(Rec. `08, Ayia Napa Music)

targetYoung Style Grooves vol.3
(Rec. `08, Toptrax)

targetBar Lounge Classics - Mediterranean Edition
(Rec.`07, Sony BMG)

targetSolo Archtop Guitar
(Rec. `06, Factory Outlet Records)

targetCafé Copacabana 4 - Latin Flavored Pearls
(Rec. `06, C & B)

targetCigar Lounge 4
(Rec. `06, Ayia Napa)

targetCoffee Lounge
(Rec.`05, Ayia Napa)

targetKlangbilder der Welt – Meditative Musik
(Rec. `05, MVG)

targetKaffeehaus Lounge 4 - A Selection Of Late Nite Moods & Beats
(Rec. `05, Ayia Napa)

targetMash Chapter 3 - mixed by Raul Rincon
(Rec. `04, Le Bien Et Le Mal)

targetBeige Mood
(Rec. `04, Audio Lotion)

targetMetro One Collection - mixed by guardner
(Rec. `02, Liquid Space)

targetThe Peacelounge EP
(Rec. `02, Peacelounge Rec.)

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